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FAQ - Domande Frequenti

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FAQ: Iscrizione

  • How can I book my course?

    There are two easy ways to book your Spanish course: 1) Book online and pay by credit card through our secure payment online , 2) Contact one of the Course Counsellor who speaks your language by entering into the chat on our web, or sending a message through our Contact Us page, by e-mail to infocentral@donquijote.org . Better yet, call us at (+34) 923 26 88 60, toll free from the USA at 1-800-518-0412.

  • Is there a deadline to register by?

    No! Although you can enroll up to a day before starting your course, we do recommend that you enroll at least one month in advance if possible.
     We will be able to arrange your first choice of accommodation:
    • Distance.
    • Special requests (large bed, allergies…).
    • Type of family (with or without children, with or without pets, smokers or non-smokers, vegetarian food…).
    • Possibility of a private bathroom in any residence, family or student flat.
     You will not run the risk of being without accommodation, something that is always a possibility with last-minute reservations.
     You will receive all the necessary information in advance so that you can better prepare your journey.
     You will receive an official certificate by post, absolutely essential to obtain your visa (if you require a visa).
     You will have personalized contact and receive all the complementary information you want (cultural, about the city, details…).Any question will be answered within 24 hours.

  • Come posso prenotare il mio corso?

    Abbiamo tre semplici modi per prenotare il tuo corso di spagnolo: 1)Inviaci l´iscrizione al corso che trovi nel nostro catalogo con la copia del pagamento 2)Prenota online e paga con carta di credito 3)Contatta uno dei consulenti del corso che parla la tua lingua entrando in chat sul nostro sito web, o invia un messaggio tramite la nostra pagina Contattaci, all´indirizzo email infocentral@donquijote.org. O meglio ancora, chiamaci al numero (+34) 923 26 88 60, dagli Stati Uniti al numero gratuito 1-800-518-0412, o dalla Germania al numero gratuito (49) 0699-7944-0019.

Prenotazioni Last Minute
  • Devo pagare una somma extra se prenoto una settimana prima dell´inizio del mio corso?

    No, anche se i corsi prenotati due settimane o meno prima della data del tuo arrivo devono essere pagati per intero al momento della prenotazione, dato che tutti i corsi devono essere pagati almeno due settimane prima del tuo arrivo. Anche se accettiamo il pagamento inoltrato della quota d´iscrizione, ti consigliamo di prenotare il prima possibile il tuo soggiorno, per assicurarti che possiamo soddisfare la tua prima scelta di alloggio, ecc.

  • Can I pay with the GI Bill?

    Unfortunately, our schools don’t offer formal education (graduate or post graduate studies), so the GI Bill can’t be used for our programs.

  • I tried to pay using a payment gateway but it didn’t work, what should I do?

    In this case, you should first make sure that your bank allows charges from a different country. Sometimes, especially with American banks, they need to know this to allow the charge to be made at a certain time.
    Also, certain cards need to be secured to be able to be used for online payment, so look to see if your card requires that.

  • How and when should I pay for my course?

    To book your course we require a minimum down payment of 500 Euro for courses in Spain and $700 for courses in Latin America. The total cost of your stay must be paid at least two weeks before your arrival.
    The best way is to pay by Master Card or VISA in our secure booking page. It’s easy, simple and safe!
    If you are booking online, after filling in the enrolment form, it will show you the secure booking page. If you are booking offline through one of our course counsellors, they will provide you with your student number and the link to our secure booking page, so your payment will be associated to your enrolment immediately.
    Or, you can send us a written authorisation allowing don Quijote to charge your credit card. Please ask for it from your course counsellor:
    Telephone: (+34) 923 26 88 60; Toll free from USA: 1-800-518-0412
    And also, you can opt to pay by bank transfer. Please, send us a copy of the transfer by email so we can process your reservation right away.

  • Posso usare la carta di credito per pagare il mio corso?

    Si. Puoi prenotare il corso online e pagare con una carta di credito Master Card o VISA nella nostra pagina riservata alle prenotazioni.
    O puoi inviarci un´autorizzazione scritta che permetta al don Quijote di addebitare la tua carta di credito.
    Per favore contatta il nostro consulente d´ufficio per assistenza alla tua prenotazione:
    Telefono: (+34) 923 26 88 60
    Numero gratuito dagli Stati Uniti: 1-800-518-0412
    Numero gratuito dalla Germania: (49) 0699 7944 0019

  • Come posso fare se devo cambiare le date del mio corso o il tipo di corso o altro dopo aver prenotato?

    Contatta l´Ufficio del nostro Servizio Clienti, o, se sei già nella scuola, informa la segreteria della scuola. Per garantirti la possibilità di attuare il cambio, faccelo sapere il prima possibile. Importante: C´è una spesa di gestione di 75 euro in Spagna (100 dollari in America Latina) per ogni cambiamento che apporti nella tua prenotazione dopo la tua iscrizione iniziale.

  • Posso cambiare città dopo il mio arrivo?

    Si. Per cambiare la destinazione del tuo corso dovresti informare la scuola il prima possibile. Verificheremo la disponibilità e cambieremo la tua prenotazione in modo appropriato. Non possiamo garantire lo stesso tipo di alloggio ma faremo del nostro meglio per soddisfare le tue necessità.

    Importante: C´è una spesa di gestione di 75 euro in Spagna e 100 dollari in America Latina per ogni cambiamento che effettuerai nella tua prenotazione dopo l´iscrizione, incluso il cambio di destinazione della città.

Fees, changes and cancellations
  • How can I use my cancellation guarantee?

    don Quijote offers you a cancellation guarantee to protect yourself against certain unexpected events that might cause you to cancel your course once it has started. These are: work, examination, proven illness by Spanish doctor of the students following their arrival in Spain, pregnancy and the obligation of doing military service.

    The cost of this guarantee is 5% of the total sum of the full program invoice and it has to be paid in full when booking your course in order for it to be valid.

    If you are finally forced to cancel your course due to one of the events aforementioned, then you need to let us know immediately proving in writing with an official document the reason why you need to leave. Refunds will be made by bank transfer in the next 45 days after the examination of all documents provided by you.
    If that happens, please bear in mind that you will be refunded the total of your program except: the cost of one week (course, lodging) and services already used when cancelling (course, lodging, pick up, enrolment, etc), the cost of the guarantee itself and a fee of 10% of the amount to be refunded to cover the administrative costs of returning your money. Thus, we truly recommend you buy this guarantee when you are booking a long duration course.

  • Can I change cities after my arrival?

    Yes. To change the destination of your course you should inform the school as soon as possible. We will check availability and change your booking appropriately. We cannot guarantee the same type of accommodation but we´ll do our best to suit your needs.

    Important: There is an administration fee of 125 € in Spain and $175 in Latin America for every change you make in your booking after enrolment.

  • Do I have to pay a fee for each city that I combine?

    Not at all! You can combine as many cities as you want in Spain and Mexico, with only one enrolment fee, as long they are within dQ. In Spain –Salamanca, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Tenerife, Alicante, Marbella and Seville –and in Mexico –Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta.
    You can also combine cities between Argentina, Chile and Guatemala with only one enrolment fee. You can do the same with cities between Bolivia and Ecuador, or if you combine cities between Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Cusco (Peru).
    In Cuba you can also combine cities with only one enrollment fee, and also in the Dominican Republic.
    In Costa Rica, you can combine the cities of Flamingo, Monteverde and Heredia; you can also make a combination with Coronado and Playa Jaco.
    With all other destinations however, you do have pay an enrollment fee for each city in which you wish to study.

  • What if I need to change the dates of my course or the type of course or something elso after booking?

    Just contact our Client Services Department, or, if you are already in the school, inform the school secretary. To make sure we can accommodate your change, let us know as soon as possible.
    Important: There is an administration fee of 125 € in Spain ($175 in Latin America) for every change you make in your booking after your initial enrolment.