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FAQ: Corsi

Spanish Level
  • What levels does don Quijote offer?

    We work with the six levels of the European Common Reference Framework for Language (Council of Europe): Beginner (A1 + A2), Intermediate (B1), Advanced (B2) and Mastery (C1 + C2). Each of these levels can be divided into sublevels, as many as needed to truly place you in a group at your level.

  • Is there an age limit to study with don Quijote?

    In the standard courses the minimum age is 18. (We offer special courses and summer camps for students under 18.)

    Is there an upper age limit? ABSOLUTELY NOT! So far we have welcomed adult students from 19 to 83 years old. It´s always a good time to learn Spanish!

Types of courses
  • Should I take the Intensive course or the Super Intensive course?

    Since both courses are very good, it depends on what you want to get out of your course. If you are eager to advance more quickly, or to practise as much as possible what you learned in class, then the Super Intensive is very useful. If you want more time during the day to do as you please, then the Intensive course will offer you more "tourist" time outside of class.

    If your goal is to make as much progress as possible and your time is limited, our Premium Spanish courses will allow you to study even more intensively than you would in a Super Intensive course, by combining mini-group (3 or fewer students in a group) classes with one to one classes, and the option to request specific material (business Spanish, industry-specific jargon, medical Spanish, etc.) for your one to one classes. If you choose to combine a group course with two or more individual classes per day, we offer you the chance to spend part of your class time over a relaxing meal with your teacher. This way, you will be able to maximize your learning without feeling like you’re always in a classroom

Certificates and Acknowledgements
  • Are dQ schools recognized by the Cervantes Institute?

    Of course they are! All dQ schools are recognized by the Cervantes Institute. We are also proud to be accredited or members of:
    • Ideal Quality Certificate
    • Eduspain
    • FEDELE, CEELE, ACELE, Association of Spanish Schools Granada, Spanish in Andalusia, Association of Spanish Schools in Madrid, Association of Spanish Schools of Castile and Leon, AELE and AMEELE.

Types of courses
  • Are the business courses available for beginners in Spanish?

    The minimum level required to participate in the Intensive Business course or in the Chamber of Commerce Basic Certificate Course is intermediate Spanish (B1).
    For the Superior Business Certificate Course, you should have an advanced level of Spanish (C1).

    If you are a beginner in Spanish, we recommend you enroll in a long-term general Spanish course - Intensive, Super Intensive or Premium- until you reach a level at which you are able to study business-specific content in One-To One classes or reach the B1 level (after approximately 11 weeks in an Intensive program) required for our group business courses.

  • Are there any courses related to tourism?

    Yes, don Quijote offers an Intensive Tourism course in Granada.
    The full course runs for 4 weeks, but if you are short of time you can participate during part of the course for 2 weeks.
    Just like the Intensive Business course, if you take the complete 4 month course, you will be able to take the Chamber of Commerce Basic Tourism Certificate.
    We also offer the possibility to intern in Granada businesses after you finish your intensive tourism course, completely free of charge!

  • What is the average age of don Quijote students?

    Our students have ranged in age from 18 to 83 so far, and we offer special courses just for kids and teens from 5 to 18. Student age varies widely with times of year and destinations at a school as diverse as don Quijote, but we can tell you that 45% of our students fall between 25 and 49 years old.
    In short you are very welcome, whatever your age!
    In our What Our Students Say section, accessible from the main menu at our home page, you can search for students your age and read about their don Quijote experience, or drop them an e-mail with specific questions. Try it.
    It´s always a good time to learn Spanish, we tell you!

Spanish Level
  • How is my level determined?

    We determine the make-up of the group according to the students’ abilities. The first day of the course begins with an oral and written test. If you are a beginner you will start directly in a beginners group.

Types of courses
  • What does 20 + 5 mean?

    This is dQ’s original formula, in which we offer one totally free and voluntary hour, where our students can enjoy learning about Spanish and Latin American cultures in the areas of: Spanish and Latin America history, literature, music, local dance, phonetics and pronunciation, culture and civilization, Spain in a European context, etc.

Certificates and Acknowledgements
  • Can I earn any official certificate?

    We recommend you to take the DELE (Diploma de EspañolcomoLenguaExtranjera) for Spanish language students. There are up to 6 levels you can take, and if you follow the instruction we offer, you will pass the exam. Around 90% of our students pass.
    The DELE is usually taken by students who want to increase their proficiency for better job opportunities, or to apply to universities, where you need to prove your level of expertise in a language. The courses have specific start dates throughout the year that correspond with exam dates. The course focuses on exam details, test-taking strategies, and exam practice.

    And if you are more interested in business or tourism related subjects, we recommend that you take the Chamber of Commerce exams, available at basic and superior levels.

  • What kind of Certificate will I get from don Quijote?

    After completing the course you will receive a certificate for the whole course, if you have attended at least 85% of your classes. This will record: the course you have taken, duration, objectives and level of Spanish, special subjects, additional courses and number of hours. If attendance was less than 85%, the certificate will only record the actual number of hours attended. For students from the United States, we give the assessment results according to the American (A, B, C, D) grading system if they request it at the beginning of their course. With this certificate they will be able to claim credits at their universities.

Spanish Level
  • How much Spanish will I learn in an immersion Spanish course?

    It varies from person to person, and with the intensity of the course you choose (Intensive, Super Intensive or Premium), but if you take full advantage of your in-country stay and immerse yourself as much as possible, you will see significant progress from a course as short as 2 weeks, even as a beginner.
    In general, students complete level A1 after 3 weeks of study, A2 after 6 weeks, B1 (Intermediate) after 12 weeks, B2 (Advanced) after 17 weeks, C1 after 23 weeks and C2 (Mastery) after 42 weeks of Intensive course (20 hours per week) study.

Types of courses
  • Can I take individual classes at don Quijote?

    Of course! In addition to group courses, don Quijote offers one-to-one private Spanish classes. This program is offered in all don Quijote schools at all levels. You may also request customized language content to learn the vocabulary of a certain field, such as literature, business, medical Spanish or any other subject.

    The price is per hour, with economical packages available when you take 5 classes or more per week, and/or study in private classes with a friend.

    Our Premium courses allow you to easily combine a mini-group course with one-to-one classes, in one-price packages. Combining a group course with private classes is a highly effective way to make maximum progress in your Spanish skills in a limited time.

Certificates and Acknowledgements
  • Will I be able to transfer academic credits from don Quijote to my own university?

    Yes! You can obtain university credits while doing your course at don Quijote.
    We have agreements with a number of universities in the U.S., and, we are happy to supply our syllabi to your university, for review and approval of academic credits.
    If you’re thinking of earning credits from your University, it’s very important that you let us know the first day of class. This is because you will need to take specific tests so we can evaluate you according to the American system.
    Please see the Credits and Grants link from our main menu, or contact us for more information.

Spanish Level
  • What happens if there are no students with my same level?

    This is very unlikely at dQ. One of our strong points is that, due to the large amount of students we have all year round, we can always make groups not only for each level, but also for sublevels, which guarantees that you will always be with students with the same skills as you.

Types of courses
  • What are the requirements for being a volunteer or for doing an internship?

    The main thing is that you want to work. There are just a few technical details such as: you must be older than 18 and younger than 35 (only for internships), a B1 level is required for volunteering and for internships in hotels, B2 for general internships, and for internships in hotels you must be European and/or majoring in tourism while doing the internship.

Certificates and Acknowledgements
  • Is dQ subsidized by CSN?

    Of course it is! Don Quijote is proud to be a center that has one of the highest percentages of students subsidized by CSN.
    Applying for grants and loans is easy: you can call CSN and ask them to send to you by mail the forms you will need to fill out. The number is: 0771-276 000. One of these forms (5509W) is a reservation confirmation that we will send you as soon as we confirm your registration (with a deposit of just 250 Euros).
    CSN usually takes about 3 weeks to process the application from the time they receive it. That’s why it’s advisable to register at least 5 weeks before the starting date of the course. This way you can have the money in your account 2 weeks before classes begin (which is when you must have the rest of the course fee paid).

Spanish Level
  • Do I have to take an exam after each level?

    This is not necessary since our teachers make continuous evaluations. However, if you are studying with us over a long period, we would like to give you an occasional exam so that you can clearly see your own progress. This will encourage you to keep learning!

Types of courses
  • Can I participate in the volunteer program or internship programs without taking the 4-week Spanish course?

    To ensure your Spanish is adequate for the work you will do for the charitable organization, the program requires that you first complete a 4 -week Intensive Spanish course. You must have at least a B1 level, although some projects require a higher level. The course assures the organization that you have the required language skills to interact efficiently in your new environment, but most importantly, it allows you to see the different projects and to choose the one that most interests you.

Certificates and Acknowledgements
  • Can I apply for the Bildunsurlaub grant?

    Of course! For all don Quijote schools (Salamanca, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Tenerife in Spain, and our schools in Mexico) we have recognitions from Hamburg (which are thus also recognized in Hessen). The same applies to Alicante, Marbella, and Seville. There is no deadline for enrollment for these Laender.

    For the following Laender, we request for students on an individual basis whenever we receive the individual reservation, recognition for all the above mentioned don Quijote schools: Brandenburg, Bremen, Berlin, Rheinland-Pfalz, Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachsen. Each application in these Laender has always been approved for our schools. Not a single one has been rejected. However, the regions do have strict rules about the time-frames for requesting, thus we must receive each request a minimum of 3 months prior to the planned starting date in order to comply with these requirements.

    In all the above Laender, you are required to book the don Quijote superintensive course. In Niedersachen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, students are obliged also to book additional private hours of class in order to comply with the requirements from Niedersachsen.

Types of courses
  • Can I choose the project I will volunteer in? How can I volunteer for longer than 4 weeks?

    We strongly advise you to remain flexible when choosing your preferred volunteer program as they can change at short notice, and indeed, new programs are added continuously. For that reason, at the time of booking it is not necessary to specify the program that you hope to participate in, only the general area in which you wish to volunteer. Then you can select the exact project during the language course period of your stay.
    Also, it’s often possible to prolong your volunteer period for longer than the minimum 4 weeks. This is something you can work out with your coordinator once you are doing your course.

Spanish Level
  • I´m Scared. I´m a complete beginner! Will I be taught in English?

    All of our classes are taught in Spanish, even for the complete beginner. Our teachers are experts in the material they teach and they know how to make themselves understood in Spanish. This method achieves fast and real results. Although now you may think you can’t understand or speak, your enthusiasm with be evident after finishing your first week and seeing your improvement.

Types of courses
  • Can I intern in the same city that I study in?

    Of course you can! That’s the idea. With hotel internships however, courses and internships are usually not in the same city because most hotels are either on the coast or on the islands.

  • Will I be able to intern in Spain?

    Many of our students end up getting work contracts after their internships, depending on the specific situation of each student, according to nationality, work permits, etc.

  • What business course does don Quijote offer?

    The Intensive Business Course is designed for students who already have an intermediate level of Spanish and wish to acquire good knowledge of business Spanish. The course runs for 4 weeks, and is made up of 20 specialised daily business classes, but you may enroll for only 2 weeks of the program, if you prefer. You can choose between Barcelona, Madrid and Salamanca.
    If you decide to complete 4 weeks of an intensive business course, we recommend that you take the Madrid Chamber of Commerce exam. Depending on your level, you will be able to earn the Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Basic Business Spanish or the Superior certificate. Our results are excellent: 100% of our students have passed! Also, this is in an exam that you can take in the comfort of our school, in any of the cities we offer.

  • Qual è il numero massimo di studenti per classe?

    Nei corsi Intensivi e Super Intensivi ti garantiamo che studierai in un gruppo composto da un massimo di 8 studenti nella scuola don Quijote. In media, una classe del don Quijote (varia a seconda della destinazione,del corso e del periodo) è composta da 5 studenti per gruppo. Il nostro corso Premium ti offre un apprendimento veloce e un´attenzione fortemente personalizzata in gruppi di 4 o meno studenti.

  • Can I choose the morning shift?

    I am afraid this is not possible since shifts depend on your level and when you take classes. Of course we are going to do everything possible for you to be in the shift that you want, and we are usually able to give you your preferences, but we cannot guarantee it.

  • Come sono organizzate le lezioni?

    Avrai lezione per un minimo di 4 ore al giorno, con mezz´ora di pausa. Le lezioni durano 50 minuti e si svolgono dalle 9 di mattina alle 7 di sera. Potresti avere lezione la mattina o il pomeriggio, a seconda della disponibilità del gruppo del tuo stesso livello, del tipo di corso che frequenterai, del periodo dell´anno, ecc. Prepariamo la tua scheda dal giorno del tuo arrivo e valutiamo il test che verifica il tuo livello la mattina del tuo primo giorno con noi.

    Le lezioni del corso intensivo si svolgono la mattina dalle 9 all´una e il pomeriggio dalle 15 alle 17.

  • Il materiale scolastico è fornito dalla scuola?

    Si, tutto il materiale scolastico è garantito senza costi aggiuntivi. Tuttavia, del materiale raccomandato dalla scuola potrebbe comportare qualche piccola spesa.

    In tutte le scuole don Quijote usiamo un personale metodo di insegnamento sviluppato da oltre 21 anni, e libri di testo, Vivi lo spagnolo,pubblicati da una casa editrice spagnola specializzata nel campo della didattica per un uso fuori dalla Spagna. Il tuo insegnante complementerà il libro di testo con articoli, letture, notizie, materiale audiovisivo, e molto altro. In più, avrai accesso illimitato al tuo corso di spagnolo online (livelli A1 e A2) nella nostra aula informatica per tutto il tuo soggiorno con noi.

  • What methodology does dQ use?

    At the don Quijote schools we use an interactive method of teaching based on learning by practice. That means that grammar is covered - after all, grammar is one of the building blocks of a language - but as much as possible taught using practical situations. The emphasis is on conversation but, of course, we also pay attention to grammar, reading, listening and writing. Speaking and actively using the language is central to the continuous interaction between teacher and student. don Quijote has refined the communicative teaching method continuously through years of experience and constantly evaluating and applying student suggestions.

  • È possibile frequentare lezioni individuali al don Quijote?

    Certo!In aggiunta alle lezioni di gruppo, don Quijote ti offre lezioni private di spagnolo. Questo programma è offerto in tutte le scuole don Quijote per tutti i livelli. Potresti anche richiedere un programma personalizzato di lingua per imparare il lessico di un dato ambito, ad esempio di letteratura, business, o di qualsiasi altra materia.

    Il prezzo è di 40 euro a ora a lezione in Spagna e 35 dollari a lezione al don Quijote di Guanajuato, con pacchetti economici disponibili se frequenti 10 lezioni o più a settimana, e/o studi in lezioni private con un amico.

  • Quanto posso imparare in un corso d´immersione di spagnolo?

    Varia da persona a persona, a seconda dell´intensità del corso che scegli (Intensivo, Super intensivo o Premium), ma se vuoi sfruttare al massimo il tuo soggiorno e immergerti quanto più possibile nel paese, vedrai progressi significativi da un corso di 2 settimane, anche per principianti.
    In generale, gli studenti completano il livello A1 dopo 3 settimane di studio, A2 dopo 6 settimane, B1 (intermedio) dopo 42 settimane di corso intensivo (20 ore a settimana).

  • Dovrei frequentare il corso intensivo o super intensivo?

    Dato che entrambi i corsi sono molto validi, questo dipende da ciò che ti aspetti dal tuo corso. Se sei ansioso di migliorare più velocemente, il corso super intensivo è ciò che fa per te. Se desideri più tempo durante il giorno per dedicarti ad altro, il corso intensivo ti garantisce più tempo libero da sfruttare dopo le lezioni.

    Se il tuo obiettivo è quello di migliorare quanto più possibile e il tuo tempo è limitato, i nostri corsi di spagnolo premium ti permetteranno di studiare sempre più intensamente di come faresti in un corso super intensivo, combinando lezioni in mini-gruppi (poco più di 4 studenti per gruppo) con lezioni individuali, e la possibilità di richiedere materiale specifico (spagnolo business, gergo economico, spagnolo medico, ecc.) per le tue lezioni individuali.

Corso super-intensivo
  • Quando sono disponibili i corsi Super intensivi?

    I corsi Super intensivi aono diponibili tutto l´anno in tutte le scuole del don Quijote: Barcellona, Madrid, Salamanca, Valencia, Granada e Tenerife in Spagn e Guanajuato in Messico.
    Se hai già una conoscenza dello spagnolo, puoi iniziare un lunedì qualsiasi. Se invece sei uno studente principiante, puoi iniziare il corso il primo lunedì del mese.

Programma di volontariato Corso di Affari
  • Quali corsi di spagnolo business offre il don Quijote?

    Ci sono 3 corsi di spagnolo business specifici disponibili al don Quijote, a Barcellona e Madrid:
    - Corso di spagnolo business intensivo
    - Certificato di spagnolo business di base per la Camera di Commercio
    - Certificato di spagnolo business superiore per la Camera di Commercio

    I due corsi per la Camera di Commercio sono pensati per studenti che desiderano sostenere esami di spagnolo business di base o superiore per la Camera di Commercio di Madrid.

    Il corso di spagnolo business intensivo è pensato per studenti che già hanno un livello intermedio di spagnolo e desiderano acquisire una conoscenza base dello spagnolo business. Il corso dura 4 settimane ma puoi iscriverti anche solo per una, due o tre settimane, se preferisci.

    Un´altra eccellente alternativa per gli studenti che desiderano specializzarsi nello spagnolo business è il nostro corso Premium, che ti permette di combinare un corso in mini-gruppo (non più di 4 studenti per gruppo, per garantire la massima attenzione a ogni studente) con lezioni individuali che si focalizzano sullo spagnolo business, di marketing o economico-industriale.

  • I corsi di spagnolo business sono disponibili per i principianti?

    Il livello minimo richiesto per partecipare al corso di spagnolo business intensivo o al corso per il certificato di base per la Camera di Commercio è il livello pre-intermedio (B1).
    Per conseguire il certificato di spagnolo business superiore, dovresti avere il livello post-intermedio (C1).

    Se sei uno studente principiante, ti raccomandiamo di iscriverti a un corso generale di spagnolo a lungo termine, Intensivo, Super intensivo o Premium, finchè non conseguirai un livello grazie al quale sarai in grado di studiare un contenuto business più specifico in lezioni individuali o finchè non raggiungerai il livello B1 (dopo circa 11 settimane in un programma intensivo) richiesto per i nostri corsi di spagnolo business di gruppo.

  • Ci sono corsi relativi al turismo?

    Si, don Quijote ti offre due corsi relativi allo spagnolo per il turismo:
    - Turismo intensivo.
    Disponibile nella scuola di Granada. Il corso ha la durata di 4 settimane, ma se non hai tanto tempo a disposizione puoi iscriverti anche solo per una, due o tre settimane.
    - Corso per il certificato di turismo base per la Camera di Commercio.
    Anche questo corso ha sede a Granada e dura 4 settimane. Ti preparerà a sostenere l´esame di spagnolo per il turismo per la Camera di Commercio.

Crediti accademici
  • Posso trasferire i crediti accademici dal don Quijote alla mia università?

    Si! Puoi conseguire crediti all´università mentre frequenti il tuo corso al don Quijote.
    Abbiamo accordi con un certo numero di università negli Stati Uniti e siamo felici di fornire il tuo programma di corsi alla tua università, per verificare e approvare i crediti accademici. Per favore dai un´occhiata al link Crediti e Borse di studio dal nostro menu principale, o contattaci per maggiori informazioni.

Attestato di fine corso don Quijote
  • Che tipo di certificato viene rilasciato dal don Quijote?

    Una volta completato il corso riceverai un certificato, se hai frequentato almeno l´85% delle lezioni. Il certificato riporta: il corso che hai frequentato, la durata, gli obiettivi e il livello di spagnolo, contenuti speciali, corsi aggiuntivi e numero di ore. Se la frequenza è minore dell´85%, il certificato registrerà solo il numero delle ore frequentate. Per gli studenti provenienti dagli Stati Uniti, attribuiamo i risultati secondo il sistema di valutazione americano (A, B, C, D).

  • Why is dQ more expensive?

    We all know that the word “expensive” is relative. We can say something is expensive or cheap
    when we purchase identical products, with the same features, and which offer the same results. With a language course, it’s essential to know what you want to acheive, how you want to acheive it, and in how much time. When you decide all this, we recommend that you take a look to see if going cheap is going to meet all your expectations.
    don Quijote delivers the performance you want. Why?

     Because our dQ schools are the elite of the Spanish education field. Recognized by the Cervantes Institue, for more than 23 years (since 1989) we’ve been teaching Spanish, and only Spanish, to students from around the world. That‘s 80 different nationalities and more than 8,000 students a year!
     Because our teachers are carefully selected from the best. All of them have university degrees and specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (we even have a certain prestigious writer). But most importantly, they are passionate about what they do and it shows in their results!
     Because through years of experience, we have developed our own effective teaching system. The key to the success of our methodology is our adaptation to each student. You are important to us, and that’s why you will be in small sized groups: you choose between 8 or 3 students. Also, although we offer the 6 levels designated by the Common European Framework and the Cervantes Institute, our volume of students and our commitment to you allows us to organize each week as many sublevels as necessary to guarantee that you will be placed in a group where your classmates won’t know more or less than you.
     Because we offer the best study environment available, so you can enjoy learning Spanish to the fullest: well located schools in emblematic buildings completely renovated with modern spaces where you can relax with other students, all over 18 years old, or where you can work on your laptop with our wifi system. We also give you excellent didactic, cultural, and tourist advising. And you won’t have to worry about the details of your study material: it’s all included, no matter how many books you need.
     And because even if you choose a destination that doesn’t have a dQ school, there’s still no need to worry! We have personally picked that schools that most closely match our standard of quality. Put your trust in us, and you’ll be back every year!

  • Ci sono degli sconti per i corsi a lungo termine?

    Si, offriamo prezzi speciali per corsi a lungo termine (di più di 12 settimane) e per l´alloggio. Per saperne di più, dai un´occhiata al nostro corso di Spagnolo per la vita, accessibile dal link dei Corsi dal menu principale, o scarica la Lista dei prezzi dal link Lista Prezzi sempre dal menu principale.

  • Ci sono sconti per ex studenti?

    Gli ex studenti del don Quijote che ritornano per frequentare un altro corso non devono pagare la tassa d´iscrizione al corso, risparmiando 95 euro in Spagna e 100 dollari per i corsi in Messico. Dai un´occhiata anche alla pagina Offerte Speciali, per ex studenti-solo affari speciali.

  • Are there any discounts for long duration courses?

    Yes, we offer special duration prices on courses (5 weeks or longer) and accommodation (in certain cities). The discount can be significant, depending on the length of the course. You can get up to a 15% discount on courses that are 20 weeks or longer if you sign up for them all at the same time. For details, download a Price List from the Price List link on the same main menu.

  • I’m a former student... what advantages do I get?

    We like receiving your friends and we like you recommending us to them because you are happy to have studied with dQ. That’s why we want to show our appreciation: for each friend you recommend us to that ends up signing up with us, we will give you a check for 20 Euros that you can accumulate and use toward payment on courses that you take now or in the future.

  • Does don Quijote offer special prices for groups?

    Yes! For groups of 8 people or more. Contact groups@donquijote.org to find out what special offers you can receive.

  • Quando dovrei pagare il mio corso?

    Per prenotare il tuo corso richiediamo un pagamento minimo di 500 euro per i corsi in Spagna e 700 dollari per i corsi in America Latina. Il costo totale del tuo soggiorno deve essere pagato almeno due settimane prima del tuo arrivo.
    Ti raccomandiamo di prenotare il tuo corso almeno un mese prima della tua data di arrivo, appena possibile, in modo da garantirti la possibilità di soddisfare la tua prima scelta di alloggio e per permetterti di ricevere in tempo tutte le informazioni di cui hai bisogno per il tuo arrivo in Spagna o America Latina.

  • Dove posso trovare quanto costa il mio corso?

    Su questo sito web troverai la pagina Calcolo Veloce con cui potrai calcolare il prezzo totale del tuo corso e dell´ alloggio alla scuola don Quijote, in modo rapido e automatico.
    Puoi scaricare la nostra lista di prezzi in formato PDF alla pagina Lista Prezzi (dal link del menu principale), o puoi richiedere un prezzo personalizzato da uno dei nostri consulenti, tramite le pagine Calcolo Veloce o Contattaci.