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FAQ - Domande Frequenti

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FAQ: Extra Services

Medical Insurance
  • Do I need medical insurance?

    We advise all EU citizens to bring their E111 document.
    We recommend that students from other countries take out the medical insurance policy provided by don Quijote. Keep in mind that policies can only be taken out in blocks of 4 week periods.

Pick up Service
  • If I don´t sign up for pick up service, where can I collect the keys to my student apartment?

    In each town there is a 24hr collection point. Full details will be given to you once you have fully enrolled.

  • Who should I contact if I have any problem upon arrival?

    After your enrolment is confirmed, you will be given a mobile phone number (emergency number available 24 hours while the schools are closed. Otherwise, we advise you to contact the school you’ll be attending) that you can ring in case of any problems.

  • How does pick up service work?

    You can be picked up from the airport, train/bus station at each one of don Quijote’s destinations any day, any time. When you contract this service, you must provide us with your arrival information to the airport, train or bus station. This information must be provided, at the latest by the Wednesday before your start date.
    Rates vary depending on the place you are picked up at and the distance to your destination. You can take advantage of discounts if you sign up for pick up service with a friend or someone you know that’s going to make the same trip with the same arrival as you.