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FAQ: Accommodation

Type of accommodation
  • How many people live in an apartment? How many share the bathroom?

    Our apartments usually have 3 and 4 double and individual rooms, so the number of students to an apartment can vary between 5 and 7 students. These students share 2 bathrooms, which is common in Spanish apartments. They also share a living room with a TV and a fully equipped kitchen with everything needed to cook and wash clothes. If you prefer a little extra space in your room, you can always reserve a double room for individual use.

  • What do you recommend, a student apartment or a residence?

    Both are great options. However, there are a few things to keep in mind which can help you choose the option that best suits your interests.
    For example, if you’d like to meet people from all over the world, have a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals or wash your clothes, or a living room with a TV where you can chat with friends; if you have a young spirit and you don’t mind sharing a bathroom with your roommates, then the shared apartment is an excellent option.
    And of course you won’t have to worry about bedding, electricity or water. It’s all included. You will however be responsible for cleaning the apartment with your roommates (usually 5 or 6). Plus, our apartments are very reasonably priced!
    Residences on the other hand, offer the most independence. Of course you will meet other students of other nationalities, but the closeness of the relationships you establish will partially depend on whether you choose a family residence – with 10 or 12 students – or a university residence – where you can find between 30 and 100 students.
    In a residence, you don’t have to cook, we offer you breakfast, lunch and dinner. You choose! Our dQ residences offer you a private bathroom in your room and great facilities. In smaller residences, the bathroom is shared, but if you wish you can also rent a room with a private bathroom. All these residences are located at a convenient distance from our schools, and are right in the middle of town. The price is higher than the shared apartment, but you’ll be much more comfortable!

Home stay
  • Can I use the kitchen in my host family´s home?

    It is not possible to use the kitchen while living with a host family. If you book only breakfast you will have to eat lunch and dinner outside your accommodation.
    However, you can use the fridge to keep a couple of things such as fruit or yogurt.

  • In home stay, will I have a schedule?

    No, you won’t have a schedule to keep. You will be able to come and go as you please as long as your conduct is appropriate. In other words, be especially careful to not bother the family when you come home at night.

Type of accommodation